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The Institute of Environmental Management and Technology, Inc. (IEMT) is an approved Building Performance Institute Test Center.  We offer BPI Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, proctor exams, and a wide range of other courses approved for BPI Continuing Education Units. We have alternative energy, infrared thermography and weatherization classes along with training in lead and asbestos remediation.  IEMT also has OSHA authorized instructors for the 10 and 30 Hour Construction and General Industry Outreach Programs and teaches the 40 hour Hazwoper class.

The school created one of the first weatherization labs in Connecticut and has served as a weatherization trainer for the Connecticut State Department of Education. We are an approved test center for 5 local community colleges and have been approved by the Connecticut State Approving Agency to train select programs to eligible veterans and their dependents.

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NREL Job Task Analysis

Job Task Analyses (JTAs) are listings of the skills and knowledge that a practitioner needs in order to perform a given job safely and effectively. The following are JTAs accepted by the Interstate Renewable Energy Council / Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (IREC ISPQ).

Retrofit Installer Technician

A Retrofit Installer Technician is a residential energy efficiency professional who installs energy efficiency upgrades in single-family homes, and small multi-family housing (2-4 units). The Installer uses a variety of building science best practices to improve safety, comfort, durability, indoor air quality and energy efficiency. The NREL document includes all of the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a Retrofit Installer Technician.


Energy Auditor
An Energy Auditor is a residential Building Analyst who evaluates the energy efficiency, health, and safety of a home, and conducts field measurements to identify areas for savings. The Energy Auditor produces this information as a report and makes recommendations to the customer. The goal is to reduce energy consumption, improve health and safety, increase the lifespan of the building while also improving the quality of life and comfort for building occupants. The NREL document includes all of the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required of an Energy Auditor.

Crew Leader
A Crew Leader is responsible for supervising the retrofitting activities specified in the scope of work. He or she is responsible for managing personnel and materials on the job site in a safe and effective manner.  The Crew Leader is also responsible for quality control, testing procedures, documentation and conducting a final walk through to ensure that all work is completes in a satisfactory manner. The NREL document includes all of the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a Crew Leader.

Quality Control Inspector
A Quality Control Inspector ensures the completion, appropriateness, and quality of energy upgrade work by conducting a methodological audit/inspection of the building, performing safety and diagnostic tests, and observing the work. He or she will verify that all work is performed according to the work plan, specifications and standards, and records reports and findings and specifies corrective actions. The NREL document includes all of the tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities required of a Quality Control Inspector